Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Gizmo giveaway day 25

Today Baby Gizmo is giving away another amazing stroller.  The amazing B.O.B jogging stroller.  I have an older model BOB and I love it. However if since we are planning having baby #4 and unless the baby is a girl we will need a more unisex color.  The is well built and worth every penny! Check out baby gizmo on facebook and twitter.  They are awesome!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Gizmo giveaway!

Wanna win an amazing stroller? Go to baby Gizmo on facebook and learn how to win the Britax B Ready or any other amazing, helpful, cool baby products during their 30 day giveaway contest!!!

A Thankful Mommy: Amazing Baby Products!

A Thankful Mommy: Amazing Baby Products!: I love Britax products. They create safe items in fashionable looks.  They also make their products user friendly.  I am hoping to have anot...

Amazing Baby Products!

I love Britax products. They create safe items in fashionable looks.  They also make their products user friendly.  I am hoping to have another baby in the next year and I am in love with the Britaz B Ready stroller. It is comes in many beautiful colors and it is easy to use with the Chaperon infant carseat I already have.  Plus it easily becomes and double inline stroller.  What I really like about the stroller are all the different configurations this stroller has and it is so easy to change to the different positions.  I love love love this stroller.  It might be a cost you more for this stroller but look at it as an investment piece that will last you. It is really well made and really well thought out.  Britax gives me piece of mind with my little ones safety in the car.  Now they have a very awesome line of strollers I am looking forward to using too.  Britax rocks.  If you need any to watch any product reviews or how to use an item visit baby gizmo on you tube and Hollie give you all the info you need!

Friday, March 25, 2011

More like every other week of blogging...

So my goal was to blog everyday what I am thankful for.  I am luck if I get to do it every other week.  I guess that is what happens when you are a mommy of very busy kids.  I at least say thank you everyday for another day with my wonderful family.  So that being said....
I am thankful that my husband has such a wonderful job.  We are so blessed that he works hard for our family and is able to provide for us.  Recently the city that my husband works for decided that both the police and fire departments need to make cuts to their budgets.  Well in order to cut their budgets they will have to laid off police officers and firefighter.  My heart breaks for these family who are still wondering when they will get the noticed that they are being laid off.  What a scary thought! I am so thankful my husband has been with the department for several years.  But I will be praying for these families everyday.

I am thankful for my father.  My dad is helps me and my sister out so much without him we would be struggling even more.  He gives and gives to us to help out my kids and me.  I am so blessed to have a dad like i do.  I know I wasn't thankful for him for the longest time but I think it takes a some growing up to realize just how good your life really is because of the people in it.  Most of the time it is the people you have to be most thankful too are the ones you overlook.  I just have to remind myself that I am truly bless to have the family I have.  Even though they drive me crazy the are still my family and they have made me who I am today.  My dad is really great guy. 

I am thankful that my mother is finally seeing the light and seeing that my dad and her truly belong together.  I know that it is will take the mighty force of the universe to bring them back together but I know it will happen.  I will imagine pray and believe with all my heart that soon enough my family will be one again and my kids can have their Nana and papa together to enjoy and share their lives with.  My kids love them so much and they can count on them for anything.  I am so blessed.  Thank God for giving me that glimmer of hope.  Now all I have to do is believe.  I DO TRUST AND BELIEVE THAT it will HAPPEN!!!!

I am also thankful to everyone who is currently helping me deal with my son.  We are having serious issues with his behavior and I was also given a sign today that I need to change a lot of things in order for him to change his behavior.  I am scared but I know I have to do it.  I have to think about every little action because it is the reaction that causes my son to act out.  I am to blame for his behavior and I take full blame for it.  With God's help I will be able to overcome this too. 

Now I am thankful for this life I have.  Sometimes it is too much to handle and sometimes I don't know which way is up.  But it is truly a beautiful life and I am finally on the right path.  I still have many potholes to stay out of winding roads to still take but I know that soon enough and with God's loving hands I will overcome it all.  I am thankful that I know I really need to be happy and positive and all things will come to me.  I imagine, pray, and believe and I will RECEIVE!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Praying for Japan

I am sending my positive thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan.  This is such a horrible disaster that the people of Japan are having to recover from.  When I watched the footage from the news media I thought I was watching a action movie.  But it was the real deal. So scary and so sad to think of all the destruction and the lives lost.  I am praying everyday.

I call my Grandma Toki on Friday morning before I had to take my kids to school and I found out that my grandmother's only sister lived in Sendai City Miyagi Japan.  My grandmother is so worried because she has been unable to make contact with her sister.  I have been trying to locate anyone who might be related to my great aunt.  It is so hard when all my grandma has is a phone number and a very very confusing address. I feel so helpless in easing my grandma's worry.  At this point I have go on face book and contacted anyone with the same name as my great aunt's son's name.  These poor guys.  Thank God for the google translator.  But at this point it is all I can do.  I have also told my grandma to send a letter to her sister.  I know the mail with be clogged up for days but even if it's months later when the letter gets to the address either her sister will call her or someone might be able to send it back with some news.  I feel so bad for my grandmother I can not imagine the pain she is going through not knowing how her only sister is.  Please keep her in your prayers.  I will keep researching everything I can to find anything out.  Thank goodness for the Internet.  I love technology. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

It has been a while....

I was suppose to blog everyday.  I cannot believe how my life is so busy I can't even take a second out of my day to blog,  But as I sit here watching the horrible tsunami hit Japan I am praying for all the people hit by this horrible disaster.  I am praying for all the people effected by this and the people who have lost their lives in this earthquake and tsunami.
I called my grandma to see if any of her family that is still in Japan is anywhere near this.  I will have to call her in the morning to see.  I know that on my father's side of the family we have distant relatives in Japan but I have no idea where they live.  I am just praying that all my family in Japan is safe.  Scary Scary videos playing over the TV and the Internet. 
Please pray for everyone in these areas of this deadly earthquake and tsunami. 
I am sorry for my spelling or typos.  I am super sleepy...
Goodnight bloggers....