Monday, April 2, 2012

Amazing Baby Products!

I love Britax products. They create safe items in fashionable looks.  They also make their products user friendly.  I am hoping to have another baby in the next year and I am in love with the Britaz B Ready stroller. It is comes in many beautiful colors and it is easy to use with the Chaperon infant carseat I already have.  Plus it easily becomes and double inline stroller.  What I really like about the stroller are all the different configurations this stroller has and it is so easy to change to the different positions.  I love love love this stroller.  It might be a cost you more for this stroller but look at it as an investment piece that will last you. It is really well made and really well thought out.  Britax gives me piece of mind with my little ones safety in the car.  Now they have a very awesome line of strollers I am looking forward to using too.  Britax rocks.  If you need any to watch any product reviews or how to use an item visit baby gizmo on you tube and Hollie give you all the info you need!

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