Saturday, March 12, 2011

Praying for Japan

I am sending my positive thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan.  This is such a horrible disaster that the people of Japan are having to recover from.  When I watched the footage from the news media I thought I was watching a action movie.  But it was the real deal. So scary and so sad to think of all the destruction and the lives lost.  I am praying everyday.

I call my Grandma Toki on Friday morning before I had to take my kids to school and I found out that my grandmother's only sister lived in Sendai City Miyagi Japan.  My grandmother is so worried because she has been unable to make contact with her sister.  I have been trying to locate anyone who might be related to my great aunt.  It is so hard when all my grandma has is a phone number and a very very confusing address. I feel so helpless in easing my grandma's worry.  At this point I have go on face book and contacted anyone with the same name as my great aunt's son's name.  These poor guys.  Thank God for the google translator.  But at this point it is all I can do.  I have also told my grandma to send a letter to her sister.  I know the mail with be clogged up for days but even if it's months later when the letter gets to the address either her sister will call her or someone might be able to send it back with some news.  I feel so bad for my grandmother I can not imagine the pain she is going through not knowing how her only sister is.  Please keep her in your prayers.  I will keep researching everything I can to find anything out.  Thank goodness for the Internet.  I love technology. 

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